Sunday, January 31, 2010

time waits for no man

watches are an invaluable accessory- they're functional & stylish. some go a bit further.

tech40 is more than a watch. it's a state-of-the art tool for someone with a super active life style. just listen to their motto:

Feel the adventure with Tech4o's products for outdoor exploration and personal performance measurement. Boundaries are broken, your soul is set free, and the pursuit is greater with Tech4o.

want to have some adventures of your own? Mom's Focus is hosting an awesome giveaway.

buona fortuna xx

positively sinful

everyone's familiar with the last of the ten commandments: "thou shall not covet . . ."

enter classy covet, a delicious site that provides countless reasons for this particular decree to be ignored. just check out their most recent giveaway.

who cares about the neighbors house these days? it's all about accessories now.


benvenuto & welcome.

i hope you enjoy, xx.